Beer 220

Atmosphere 2

Hygiene 2

Ladies Drink 600/1200 Grants you 1 hour company

Quality of Girls 2 (mixed, ladyboys gays and women)

Price of Girls Upon discussion, varies per person

Arena is a 5 minute drive away from Mango square, close to the now under construction Robinson mall and SM city Cebu.
Arena is a bar that you can’t walk past, it looks a lot like one of the casino’s in Las Vegas. Lot’s of fake marble and big roman inspired decorations.
It’s a big and properly lighted place, from the outside there is lots and lots of neon.

After making your entry you gotta pay 500 pesos per man, 200 for females. The entry is big and looks clean. There is a big staircase that brings you straight to private rooms, either used for Karaoke or other things. Big windows in these rooms give you a good view of the catwalk. The catwalk is where the action is, surrounded by couches and tables there is enough room to fit groups of people. Woman here are not really pro-active and only get offered after a while, but would not walk up to you on their own. They look pretty shy, but maybe if you were a rich Korean or Japanese this might be different.
Prices here are way beyond the regular bars, but honestly said there are some good looking woman here. Some ladyboys too so you better watch out.

I wouldn’t recommend this bar due to high prices and their entry, the entertainment wasn’t that much of a higher quality then somewhere else. Although they had some variety with singing and dancing mixed. On a good night they probably have some real performers doing a show too.This bar is know to size you up at the door, the bigger your wallet. The faster the entertainment start. If you want to have a good time here, you probably have to pretend a little, or just open up your wallet and start spending. This will open some gates into the Arena.