Bj’s Bar

Beer 65

Atmosphere 2

Hygiene 2/1.5

Ladies Drink 180

Quality of Girls 1.5

Price of Girls 2000/2500 Depends from Lady to Lady


Extra’s Pool Table 1x


The BJ’s Bar is part of the 3 bar complex, right next door to the Caltex gasoline station on Mango Avenue. The middle door gives you entrance to the BJ’s Bar.


BJ’s bar is one of the smaller ones on Mango, quality and a pro-active attitude of the girls was hard to find. The stage hardly fits into the room, there are small couches lining this stage. With most of them being occupied by bored looking girls. On all fronts these bar scores low, even the personnel isn’t really running hard to soothe our thirsty mouths. Probably the only thing good about this bar is their relative cheap beer price of 65 Pesos a bottle but that doesn’t make up that in overall this bar doesn’t score good.