Beer 80

Atmosphere 3

Hygiene 3

Ladies Drink 230

Quality of Girls 2.5

Price of Girls 3300

Extra’s Private corners

Dimples is located on the most busiest street of Cebu’s nightlife. Mango Avenue is famous and notorious for the best bars of Cebu. In between Jabberwocky and Love City KTV you’ll find Dimples.

The guard smiles upon entrance, inside the bar the low hanging ceiling gives it a cozy atmosphere. Quite dark little corners make it quite easy to fondle a little bit before heading out into the night-sky. All the walls are filled with benches to give you a good view of the stage. With an 80 Pesos fee per beer it isn’t one of the cheapest. Next to the stage there aren’t that much girls in view or activity going on. But the girls themselves are very friendly and present themselves well. Beside being a little touchy in the dark they’ll give you a good evening experience.