Beer 149

Atmosphere 2.5

Hygiene 4.5

Ladies Drink 700+700 (one for the girl, one for the Mama-san)

Quality of Girls 3

Price of Girls 6000 (official price, went down to 4000 straight away)


Extra’s Entrance: 100
Private Vip/Karoake rooms

One of the newer bars in Cebu, or in actuality in Mandaue. Located close to Club Hatchi, the Ferrari stuns you with it’s majestic frontage. Bright neon lights invite you into a large room that surely looks different then the usual bars you see on Mango.

Upon entrance you walk into the main bar area, with a largely bright dance floor where girls perform. Take seat at one of the rounded benches around. Surely mama-san will ask all the after the usual dance routine for all the girls to line up. They really want you to go and play big spender in one of the private karaoke rooms. Tinted glass windows separate you from the usual onlookers. Ferrari looks clean, feels pricey and the bargirls were a little bit higher class then you usually see.

Wanna know more about what you can find in Cebu or what are the best places to go out in Cebu?

You can find Ferrari and it’s girls on AS Fortuna street in Mandaue City