Beer 60

Atmosphere 3

Hygiene 2

Ladies Drink 170

Quality of Girls 3

Price of Girls 3000


Extra’s Give your lady 4 ladies drinks and they’ll take you into a private corner where a lot can happen.


Frolics is a mayor old timer in the nightlife scene of Cebu.
This bar is located in Lapu Lapu City. Around the corner of Queensland, maybe around 100 Meters away. Just across the street from the local Shell station.

Frolics reminds you of the usual bars in Mango, it is a little empty but has it’s chairs and tables around. It isn’t always as busy as the Mango bars. Good thing though, even for a Mactan located bar it’s rarely visited by Japanese or Koreans.
Ambiance is a little quiet though, and the quality of woman isn’t as high as you wished.In the back of bar there is a place where you could take some more privacy from the onlooking eyes. And most woman are oke giving you a little treat for a small donation.Please be vigilant, there are some negative stories online about this bar. Mainly theft and not keeping up to date with the local hygiene codes. So be alert what you ‘take out’.