Beer 90

Atmosphere 2.5

Hygiene 2

Ladies Drink 200

Quality of Girls 2

Price of Girls Upon Discussion


Extra’s pingpong balls for 300

Big stage with bar and 2nd floor

Pool table 1x


Jabberwocky, previously known as Pussy-Cats. Is easily found on the strip of Mango Avenue, in between the supermarket and Dimples you’ll find a little removed from the streets the entrance to the Jabberwocky. The cat eyes are hard to miss once you walk up to the bar.


After opening the front door the friendly guard tells you to sit down at bar conveniently running exactly around the stage. You can take a walk around and check them out from all angles. On the second floor there are area’s to sit too but these are only open on busy nights. Besides that you can ask a girl to play a game of pool with you or sit in one of the private corners. Price of beer is quite high with 90 Pesos a bottle. Some girls do know how to dance here, and we’ve gotten some good pole action in the past.