Beer 100

Atmosphere 3

Hygiene 4.5

Ladies Drink 250

Quality of Girls 4.5

Price of Girls 2000

Extra’s Pool table 2x

The Kampai bar is located behind the Caltex gasoline station on the most frequented party street of Cebu: Mango Avenue. Across the street from the Iglesia ni Cristo church you’ll find Jakosalem street follow this for around 200 metres and you’ll find Kampai (formerly known as Temptation bar) on the right side of the street.

After you walk down a little stair you’ll immediately enter the dance floor of Kampai. A widely setup bar gives you look out over the full bar area. Lounge couches are neatly placed facing the dancing stage. Where on stage the girls are smilingly dancing and grinding against their poles. The personnel brings you over a drink and next up you’ll get the line-up to figure which girl you’ll like to chat with. Price of beer is above average with a 100 Pesos per bottle, this doesn’t mind that much because Kampai stock a good amount of girls. As usual the big line up of girls is eagerly waiting to strut their skills on the stage, in between trying to flirt their night away with the guests. There are 2 big bars to help you with a good variety of alcohol, in between these bars we find 2 pool tables to have some fun with the girls. And if you find yourself in need of another adventure there is always more to do in The Nightlife of Cebu!

In overall this bar comes out very well, nice maintained interior and well light gives it a clean impression. Woman come to their rights here and above average look wise. We would definitely come back here.