Lone Star

Beer 90

Atmosphere 2

Hygiene 2

Ladies Drink 200

Quality of Girls 2.5

Price of Girls Upon Discussion,

Stories go from the usual 2500 as low as 700 for regulars


Extra’s Pool table 1x


Lonestar is in a little backstreet of Mango Avenue. Next to the Iglesia ni Cristo church you’ll find a side street bringing you to the lonestar. If you aren’t that knowledge in Cebu we advise you to find a taxi.


Upon entrance you’ll walk directly against the stage where the bar is conveniently located around. The only thing that stops you from touching your favorite girl is the other girl in between that serves you your drinks. Lack of girls and pro-activity makes this bar a boring place to be. Although some long-stayers meet up with each other in this bar, most of the faces you’ll find here are regulars of the bar. 90 Pesos per beer makes it a pricy bar. Although there are some stories going around that regulars can pick up girls for as cheap as 700 pesos a night. Try you luck and maybe you’ll be able to get a good discount.