Love City KTV

Beer 73

Atmosphere 1.5

Hygiene 1

Ladies Drink 293

Quality of Girls 2

Price of Girls 4000


Extra’s Private karoake rooms for 1500

A lot of mama san’s, but no activity of the girls

Love City KTV is located on Mango Avenue, next door to Dimples and Papillon you will find Love City. With a rotating staircase going up is a painting of a dancing girl the last thing you’ll see of the outside life before stepping in.

Love city KTV either caters strictly to Koreans or they are just one of the worst bars on the strip. Even after multiple visits it still never seems to deliver. The bar is empty, girls are sleeping, the joint is downright disgusting. There isn’t any interest of the girls on us even though there usually isn’t any other customer. The only ladies that will entertain you here are the pushy mama-sans trying to get you to drink. Just stay away from this place…