Beer 90

Atmosphere 4

Hygiene 2.5

Ladies Drink 200

Quality of Girls 3

Price of Girls 2800


Extra’s Pool table 1x

Opens at 1PM, happy hour between 1 till 5pm


The Mavericks bar is neatly located on Osmena boulevard, close to easy to find spots like Crown regency hotel and Fuente Osmena Circle. It used to be know under the name of Silver Dollar Bar.


This bar is something else, a true old-timer in the scene this bar has seen some action. It opens up early, very early beer and girls are available from 1PM upwards. Opinions on this bar varies, we had some good times and some bad times here. Cockroaches frequent the bar as much as foreigners do. Taking that aside the girls are average, the place itself has some good qualities but most of all it’s opening hours attract a special kind of crowd. Beer isn’t cheap at 90 pesos a bottle, and service is far away from decent. Popular opinion tells you to stay away as far as possible of this place but i’ve your new here pop in and have a try!