Beer 140

Atmosphere 3

Hygiene 2

Ladies Drink 250

Quality of Girls 4

Price of Girls 3500

Mermaid is one of the older more famous bars in the Nightlife scene of Cebu. It’s easily spotted close to the New Bridge in Lapu Lapu City.

This is one of the more fun and enjoyable bars in and about Cebu.. Absolutely a great bikini bar, upon entrance you surely going to drop over the size of the bar. Even better the amount of women waiting for you in the neon lights.

Besides the main stage, you can park your ass next to the bar or have a standing table with a pole in the middle. Providing entertainment and kicking over your beer nuts the girls will be dancing and showing of their wares right in front of you. Give one of these girls a good tip and you get the booty shakin’ of the night while you sit down relax and enjoy the view.

There is a second floor ring, although it seems only open to the DJ. As well as an old swimming pool, never seen it being used. But it sure looks like fun, Waiter! Throw me some girls in that pool in need some inspiration!


Extra’s Sometimes topless, some girls in thong’s

Pool Table 2x

Swimming Pool (although never seen any action in it)