Beer 80

Atmosphere 3

Hygiene 3

Ladies Drink 240

Quality of Girls 3

Price of Girls 3300


Extra’s Private corners

Papillon is located on Mango Avenue, the entertainment and nightlife hotspot of Cebu. You will find this bar in the same complex as Dimples and Love City KTV. You can’t walk around this bar, their huge neon lighted butterfly will for sure invite you for a visit.

The Papillon is one of the little bit higher end bars, overall the quality of girls is high but their take-out price is accordingly. The bar has a good floor area and has lots of area’s to sit. Even multiple little corners where you can have a more private conversation with one of the girls. On some nights they have special themes with accordingly dressed entertainment. These girls are very good in what they do and are killer smiles emptying your pockets. 80 Pesos per beer isn’t high but it for sure ain’t the cheapest. This bar isn’t the cheapest but it for sure delivers and has given a multitude of good nights to us.