Twisted Sisters

Twisted sisters is the latest addition to the bikini bars of Cebu’s rich nightlife.
This bikini bar is located on the strip right in the extension of Planet X, Sisters and Vikings.
Mango’s strip is famous for it’s great bars and performers. If you can’t find what is up to your liking her, then you can’t find it anywhere.


This might be the smallest bikini bar ever in Cebu.
The whole place perhaps has only 6 seats and 3 tables.
In between all this the girls sit around as well, because of the small footage the bar and stage are also limited.
And thus the number of women in this bar is nothing close to 15 or so. Overall their looks are oke.
Prices are also okey. For both Beer and Girls…
This bar is certainly cozy, especially if you don’t like the big ones like Planet x or Kampai.

You don’t need a big crew to mess up this bar, can be in your personal benefit..