Viking Next Door

Beer 65

Atmosphere 2.5

Hygiene 2

Ladies Drink 180

Quality of Girls 2.5

Price of Girls 3000


Extra’s Pool table 2x

The Viking next door is part of a 3 bar complex, directly next door to the Caltex gasoline station on Mango Avenue. The utmost left door brings you with a stair to the bar that lays on the lower level of the building complex.

The red velour entrance gives the tone of the bar directly. A big bunch of colorful LED’s and disco lightning welcomes you the moment you step inside. On your right hand you’ll find the bar over the full length of the establishment. Across this you’ll find the stage with a widely arranged set of couches and corners to settle yourself. In the middle of the bar you’ll find the light-filled stage where in rotation 2 to 3 girls do their thing. For beer this place is one of the cheaper ones, with a good 65 pesos per bottle. Usually there is a lot of girls hanging around here, rarely activating themselves to come up to you. Although this could easily change depending on wish day you walk in.