Alcohology is located on Mango Square.
Smack in the middle of the cities entertainment center.
Just as many other bars and discos, like J-ave Super club for example.
This bar isn’t a small one so you can’t miss it.
They have an outside bar and the big black doors will bring you inside the party floor.

Alcohology is a lot newer than the other bars on Mango. But it’s size and ambience doesn’t lack compared to others. Open every day so you’ll always be welcome to enjoy the day for a good night of fn.
This disco mostly plays R&B, and due to it’s central location you’ll find lots of girls and tourist here. Mostly Koreans…

The bar is pretty new and it’s interior still has it’s glory to it. There are leather couches and tables all around. (do expect to pay for a table during busy days.. Buying a lot of booze will do). Not only does this place have a indoor dance floor there is also a lounge outdoors that gives a good view on what is going on in and around Mango square.

Be aware though, sitting outside might attract unwanted or wanted attention from free-lancers, ladyboys and whatever floats your boat.

Please be vigilant in and around Mango Square, the area is frequented by the good and the bad of Cebu. Keep an eye on your belongings and be aware of pickpockets