Club Basic

is located at Gov. Cuenco Avenu, in Banilad.
Next door to holiday gym and spa.

Basic is been active in the nightlife scene of Cebu since 2013,
this is probably the most distinct bar in Cebu city.
It will give you as a average tourist the best feeling how a average Filipino parties.
Basically, OUTDOORS! the place has cover for the rain but mostly is just outdoors. There is a little indoor area but the party is mostly outside. Dont expect too much of this place, there isn’t any fancy stage or decoration. There mayor sellers are big speakers, alot of speakers and cheap booze. If that’s not a selling point then I don’t know what you are doing here in the Philippines.
This isn’t your average tourist bar so be aware that locals might be extremely generous or might turn bad quickly just because you are arriving on the scene. If you are good and friendly you’ll be able to easily score some friends here.All in all a nice place to visit, they do have theme parties but don’t expect too much.