Jave SuperClub

J Ave Superclub

located at Mango Square,on general Maxilom avenue.
This is Cebu’s most prolific entertainment and bar area.

This discotheque is on of the most popular disco’s in Cebu.
A true highlight of Cebu’s nightlife.
You would be amazed seeing that every night there are thousands of visitors to J-Ave Superclub.
Most of the visitors are locals but in the later years there have been a lot of Koreans, Japanese and other tourist entering the premises.
The music is surely the same as anywhere on the planet. Mostly dance and R&B hits will make the evening a good one. A good light show and nice interior makes this disco a good place to have a fun night.
There even is a VIP lounge that gives a good view on everything that happens on the dance floor.

Prices are a little bit higher then the usual bars, but still quite affordable.
You can get pretty much anything for everyones tastes, ranging from beer to bottles of champagne or whiskey.. Take your pick of poison and see how these bottles will arrive at your table in their special presentation.

Please be vigilant on your belongings, the bar attracts a lot of people and not all of them are out for good things.
Especially outside of the club on Mango Square itself there are a lot of pickpockets willing to separate you and your wallet.

Opening hours are from monday to sunday 9:30 PM till 7:00 AMPro tip, you find yourself bored and it’s 2AM ready to head home?
Wait a while, at 3AM the girly bars close. And usually the girls head out for after hour drinks or hooking some freelance work. You can see them pouring in by the group..