The Den

The Den, is a relatively new Disco. Before it was known as The Loft a big player in the Cebu’s nightlife, location wise nothing has really changed and it’s still located in IT Park.

In April 2014 the Den had a huge make-over and finally opened it’s doors to a newer, better club to add to the variety of Cebu and it’s nightlife players.
The make over was done to spice up the place and bring some extra luxury to the place, during the re-opening there was a wide variety of exclusive sportcars like Ferrari and Lamborghini on scene.
This does say something about the visiting public on their opening night, people who’ve been in Cebu before know that these cars are a rarity to be seen. All in all this gives the bar and it’s entourage a upliftment, Woman are usually a lot better dressed from what you usually see in J-ave for example.
You’ll hardly find any prostitutes dancing here, and in the surrounding of IT park there aren’t any street girls around. Thanks to the guards of IT park you can have a safe night experience here.
This is the place for a tourist to find yourself a girl from a higher class family, if that’s what you are looking for this is definitely the place to be.

Just as most bars in Cebu is the Loft build around 2 stories, with a big main stage for the DJ and a lounge with prestigious ambience.
The Loft has a good potential and a widely filled agenda for the future. Already they have a lot of parties planned in the near distant future and more to come. A lot of these parties are for sure to be on your agenda when you come to visit to Cebu and indulge in it’s nightlife.Wednesday to Saturday opened from 21:00 till 4:00,
Do pay attention to your clothing, they do have a standard here and flip-flops are a definite no-no