Club Vudu

is located in the neighborhood called Banilad.
Closely located to Cebu Country Club and you can’t possibly miss it.
Vudu is located in a little side street that houses more bars, ktv’s and other establishments called Crossroads. Every taxi driver will know this.

Vudu is a Club that has a long history in Cebu and it’s nightlife.
You can easily spot this in it’s decoration and location. It tends to neigh towards luxury.
Crossroads itself has it’s fair shares of visiting Porsches and other luxury cars.

This club has two story with the main dance floor downstairs and the Dj-booth upstairs, there is a option to hire a private VIP table upstairs ranging from 2500-5000 pesos (depending on the night and availability). There also is a balcony located outside to get yourself a fresh breath of air.
Usual entry fee is 150 pesos, friday night is a good night to remember because it’s Ladies Night! All woman are granted free entrance and this usually adds a touch of class to the already classy Vudu.In retrospect Vudu is a good place to visit and grants you the chance to have a good night. There is a little higher standard of class here then the other bars you might find in Mango like J-Ave. So be prepared…