All Star Sports Bar

The All Star Sports Bar is located in the Heart of the Nightlife of Cebu..
Mango Square! Anyone who has ever been to Cebu knows that Mango is the place where all nights start, end or everything in between! The All Star Sports Bar is just walking distance from Mango Square at the Strip. In between the bikini bars and right next to the Infamous KTV Love City Dimplex.

This bar has had it’s many shares of names in the past, Pussycats, Jabberwocky and more before that. It’s all in the name, the All Stars Sports Bar as the name says, isn’t a bikini bar anymore.
Although this hasn’t diminished the fact that there still is plenty of treats to look at, the strip always provides you with a good quality of goodlooking woman.

Interior wise it hasn’t left it’s old history behind. The pool table and bar are still there. Friendly staff is able to serve you good quality food and drinks for a reasonable price.

The owner is also doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty and provide you with some good service, anything on TV sports wise you wanna see? Let them know and they will fly through the channels to find you your pick of poison.

On occasion they have some bands play live music, but most of all it’s focused on delivering you a place to watch your favorite game. Boxing, football, cricket or rugby. Bring your lads over, grab some brews and get the night going…

Once tanked, you can always stroll down the strip and find some late night snacks….!