T.G.I. Friday’s

TGI Friday’s is located in many countries around the world, just as so several times in the Philippines.
One of their branch in Cebu is inside of Ayala mall on the lower floor. You can hardly miss their big terrace. Open daily from 10AM till 12 Midnite this is one of the hottest expat hangouts in town.

T.G.I. Friday’s is a chain that is known for their good quality food which is the same in every restaurant worldwide..
Also, the interior design is always something that sets it apart just like the waitresses with their clothes ..
TGI is a cross between a sports bar and restaurant and because of their international feature, you can usually find many expats sitting here.
And where are many expats, there are also freelancers….. At the bar or outside area.
The terraces at Ayala are designed to have great view on walking traffic, and every girl with any kind of aspiration surely checks this place out to see if there is anyone interested in what they are offering..

Pricewise T.G.I. Friday’s is a little higher than the usual, but quality and standard are definitely up. Although if you’re out on the binge your better of finding a different seat and grab a better priced drink.