Freelance Girls

Do you wanna know how to pick up hot girls in Cebu? The best girls are not always in the bars. There are many options available for those who are willing to put in some time and effort. Learn all about the best spots to find naughty and hot girls

Yes off course there are pirates, cowboys or the tough guys who wanna go out a different way.
Most frequented freelance locations in Cebu are:


Mango Square


Peleaz Street, Colon


Humay Humay, Mactan


Ayala Mall


SM City Cebu


And the absolute king of ‘freelance’ is

Online Dating

Freelancing isn’t as big in Cebu as some people might know from places like Angeles and Manila bay area. This has nothing to do with availability but just the size of Cebu itself. The anonymity the free-lancers have in a metropolis isn’t here in Cebu. Although available, we as Cebu-Nightlife rarely use the services. Off-course we have tried once or twice over the course of the years but beside being scammed and having the fear of what could go wrong we’ve never had a true positive experience from picking up street meat.


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