Ayala City Cebu

The more upscale mall in the city. Grander design and more beautified area’s to lounge in.
Favored by many expats for it’s relaxed atmosphere but mostly the outdoor terraces area, good for drinks, food or scoping a ‘snack’.

Although freelancers aren’t as prolific as in for example Mango Square, they do frequent in Ayala.
Working hours start after 12 up until closing time. Most freelancers will be in and around the terrace area’s looking for the most frequented bars by visitors. Sitting alone, or in wolfpack at TGIF or Bo’s coffee will grand you some looks and even the occasional ‘accidental’ bump.


Ayala is more upscale then SM City, the girls you will be able to meet here, have similar attitudes and interests. So depending on your looks you might have to make a little bit more effort in Ayala to get your desired filled. Comes with the territory as they say.

Suffice to say, a single guy or two un-accompanied men will always have some attention in whatever shape or form. Many times I’ve had woman come up to me or sit next to us during dinner trying to strike up a conversation, that eventually led into a ‘business’ proposal. Some even just looking for a good time were persuaded by a couple of beers and some food before taking them off for the next course…