IT Park

IT Park

is the business hub of Cebu City, officially opened in 2002 it has now grown into a good business park and hang out spot for a lot of locals and expats a like.

The main business conducted in IT park is that of BPO or as we know it call centers. This makes IT park a good place to hang out, drink, eat or basically look around. In the coming years you will see IT park expand larger and larger as much businesses are now established and expanding.


The park is filled with restaurants, bars and basically anything you would need as a higher end consumer. It might seems quite empty during the day but at night time the place starts popping up because of most of the employee’s working night shifts.


IT park is a good place to pick up woman, just because you’ll find a little more educated/sophisticated working girl here. Don’t underestimate this place, there is a lot of money being made and some of that trickles down the towers into the hands of some lucky Filipino’s.. And some of them are desperately waiting for a foreigner who can hand them that extra lift into their career. At night you can find well dressed woman going from or to their jobs. Or just lounging around in one of the many bars, coffeeshops, junkfood sellers or just kicking it back with friends in the grass.
It has been said that the call center business is quite stressful, and a lot of the workers are always looking for a good time to get relaxed. This also extends to the working girls, who are usually sick of the lazy filipino man and are looking for foreigners to either take them out of their job or swoop them off their feet.


Besides being a place for business IT park also houses a lot of high end condominiums, smack in the middle of the city you can’t beat the view from a the condo’s swimming pools.
On top of that the park has ample space for running, relaxing in the grass or just lounging about without being hassles by street kids.

Noteworthy to mention is that IT Park and it’s inhabitants (mostly BPO agents) are notorious for their drinking habits and sexual activity, many of the women in the industry are more adventurous and daring due to the lack of adventure in their jobs. Quite common for BPO agents to start expanding their sexual horizon including activities like three-somes and more.. The highly competitive world of corporate business also gets its fair share of high-performers who share their kinky side.


Some things you can find in IT park include:

Starbucks, Bo’s coffee, Macdonalds, 7Eleven, KFC, Jollibee amongst some of their restaurants you can find Casa Verde, Moon Cafe, Irie Gastropublika, Pier One, East West, Barbeque Joe, Shakey’s, Makan Asian Spices, Figaro, and Tapa King.