Any newcomer to Asia will have to adjust to something we rarely see in the western world, Ladyboys are abundant and ready for the attack in Cebu! Be cautious or enjoy!

Whatever floats your boat so to say mate, I’m not quick to judge. Everybody has their own thing and good riddance, you wanna fly that way good for you Mate! More girls for me!

Here are some tips and tricks I found over the years of being in Cebu that helped me distinguish the difference between a proper girl, and a ladyboy, Bayot, Bakla or whatever you want to call it. Later down the line I’ll also share some info if you are into picking up Shemales.

I’ve never encountered any Ladyboy that could truly fool me, but I can imagine if you’re fresh off the boat so to say and had some brews that your judgement can be lacking at some point. These guys are literally everywhere, and usually they are pretty straight forward and in attack mode. The average Filipina girl would never walk up to a foreigner. Besides being shy or lack of confidence it’s not really in their culture to go and make the first move. Ladyboys, love the first move. And they have to, competition is fierce.

Take Mango Square for example, one of the hotspots in Cebu’s nightlife. You haven’t taken 5 steps out of the taxi or they have pinpointed you as their next target. Depending on you they could take a seat at your table or literally lock arms and start a conversation about you taking them for a drink at the bar. I’ve had many friends played for a fool, and I obviously loved playing along laughing my ass hearing their story the next morning.

Be aware though, although ladyboys are a great companion for the night, they can drunk and party like a real man, some of these guys have drug issues and are experts at faking it. Life is hard and these Ladyboys as natural outcasts have learned ways to survive, so they do have some tricks up their sleeve. Pickpockets being one of them.

How to spot a Ladyboy as a newbie:

  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Face
  • Voice
  • Over slutty dress (deceptive, especially online!)

This is where the tricky part starts… Atleast, not for me but many seems to be fooled by it. Especially Online.
Hands are usually out of proportion, cute little Asian girls have small hands. Ladyboys, have more strong muscular defined hands. First give-away.

Second, Feet. Large feet and more muscular toned legs are a dead shot into seeing if she’s a LB. In the facial features, these are sometimes a little bit trickier. Plastic surgeons are getting better and sometimes it’s not that obvious. Look at above average use of make-up, whitening tones etc.

Voice obviously is easiest, deeper more masculine voice is hard to hide.

Dressing more provocative is a good way to filter out, especially online. Although there are scarcely dressed girls online, the majority of really boobylicious girls are well not girls.. Same as walking around in bar area’s, especially the more upscale ones. Ladyboys will usually be overdressed compared to the naturally shy Pinays.


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