SM Cebu City

SM Cebu City

The majestic all in one store, once unprecedented in Cebu now shadowed by it’s big brother SM-Seaside.

Not the best place to pick up women, but surely one to see and be seen. The amount of foot traffic inside malls in Cebu is CRAAAAAZZZZYYYY…
In one word, crazy. On special holidays or weekends this place will be jampacked with families, girls, stand-by’s, gays and barkada-boys all looking for entertainment.

Not as many favored places here to easily pick up woman, due to the design there aren’t many great places where you can just sit back and watch the crowd pass by. Biggest chance in places like this is find someone you like. And start the conversation, swoop them off their feet and see where it goes.
Freelancers are found everywhere, including SM. Although they might not be in hunting mode as you can see them parade inside of Ayala.

This place is good for getting stuff you need, and mostly picking numbers or taking your date you found online to a cinema or as safe meet-up point.

Try it, walk up to the hot girls and see how far the rabbit hole goes….