Club Ace KTV

Club Ace is a karaoke bar located at F Cabahug street, located on a small square that you might know from Kusino uno and or Bloq residences.
Across the street from the Sykes building you will find a little square with ample parking that leads to Club Ace Japanese KTV in Mabolo.

Club Ace is truly a Japanese KTV bar, upon entry around 40 woman will friendly greet you in Japanese and welcome you to their place. Once you find yourself a comfy spot in one of the many corners to sit on, then the usual line up starts. The girls wear a variety of sexy outfits. Varying from matching dress to full on sexy lingerie depending what is the theme of the night. Sometimes subtle, sometimes spicy, but don’t worry these girls are always sexy!

Please be reminded that this is a karaoke bar, not a bikini bar. There are no bar fines here, and it’s not ‘normal’ (who gives a a fuck what is normal) to bring the girls for a take home diner. This place solely works on having an entertaining lineup. You could, and we encourage you to, try your luck and see if you can arrange a date with one of your sexy maitresse for the night. Although it’s not guaranteed you will get lucky, I have on numerous occasions got lucky in a Karaoke place. Flirt them up, invite them for food/shopping and see how far you can go..

Why you should visit this place,
one of the main reasons is. All Inclusive drinking! Upon entry you will pay 500 pesos to give you an hour worth of free and unlimited drinks. Add up 300 pesos for a lady entertainer per hour, and her 200 pesos drinks and you’re off to a good night. If you suck at singing you can even hire a singer to do the work for you.

This joint is really bustling, always has a good ambiance, lot’s of beautiful cute pin ays who look tip top and act in most friendly matters. Not your usual place but if you’re in the city give it a try!