Short Time Hotels

Cebu is full of Short Time Hotels/Motels that cater to locals and visitors alike. Scattered around the city you can find a wide array of rooms to utilize for a short period. Widely used for you know what. Not all are made in the same way. Look around an find the best place to play…

We advice in eye of your own safety always to use a short time hotel to bring home the ladies. There is a multitude of variety available in Cebu. Most commonly known is Queensland. Quality of these hotels differs from location to location. The following noted short time hotels are the most famous and frequented by foreign customers. There are always more hotels to be found, even in cheaper ranges but the quality of those are short to say nasty!
Most Taxi-drivers know how to find these places in a record time.

These type of hotels use a drive-in system, you either drive with a private vehicle or taxi into a garage-box. On top of these garages there are rooms located. You could let a taxi wait inside the box for you or pick-up one after you are finished.

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Average room usually contains a big double bed, television, mini-bar and shower area. Most of these hotels are very in love with mirrors lining beds or hanging on the ceiling. On request you could avail on of the executive or more luxury rooms. These vary, could be a flat screen and wifi connection. Sometimes bubble baths but most of all it will be a little bigger and cleaner. If you don’t ask, they’ll always dump you in the standard rooms.