Best Inn

If you hook up with a nice Cebuano girl and you don’t wanna go home or to your own hotel for whatever kind of reason. Then there is no better place then the infamous Prince Court motels.
This time I will give you more information about the Best Inn, one of the three locations of Prince Court.
Best Inn is located in Colon very close to the Metro Gaisano Colon on lopez street.

Best inn is almost the same like the other two options of the motel chain. Best Inn is just the smallest of all available.
There aren’t so many theme rooms available, just a couple like Music, The Artic and a Mexican Theme.
Must of their customers end up in the standard rooms. This comes with a garage so your privacy and discretion is guaranteed. because  of its size the kitchen isn’t that big. The only thing available at our visit was some halo-halo (locals favorite ice-cream), beer buckets and the usual rice toppings.

The rooms of the Best Inn give some great facilities like aircon, cable tv and room service for small foods. Every room is standardly supplied with shampoo, soap, towels even toilet paper is included (yes, this is worth mentioning. Don’t look strangely if any motel/hotel will not have any toilet paper and will charge you to give you some..)

The theme rooms start at like 140 peso an hour and are only available for short time (3 hours)
Standard rooms are 300 peso for 3 hours, but these are also available for a longer  periods of time.

In the Best Inn you can find the following amenities in every room.

  • Fully Air-conditioned Rooms
  • Hot & Cold Shower
  • Cable TV
  • Local Telephone Service
  • 50’s Café Restaurant with Videoke (24/7 Operation)
  • 24-hr room service on F&B
  • Free Personal Amenities:
    • Toilet Tissue, Soap, Shampoo & Bath Towels

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