Prince Court

It doesn’t matter whether you scored a bar girl or a Mango Square freelance girl or even a little sidedish you found online. Prince Court is one of the better and perhaps the craziest Motels Cebu has to offer. You can truly bring the night to life in Cebu’s Prince Court.
Conveniently located near SM City it’s just 5 minutes away, for the locals under us it’s on Hernan Cortez Street. The closeness to SM makes it easy for a quick hookup. Meet your girl at a coffee-shop, get them warm and take them to the right place to be..

Prince Court is a chain not as well represented as it’s biggest competitor Queensland. Atleast not in Cebu but Prince Court is more spread around the Philippines. They have offices and locations in not only Cebu but also Davao & Manila.


Prince Court is became famous for their themed rooms, And they have a total of more than 115 differently themed rooms available for you to enjoy. With more than 20 varieties such as Science Fiction, African, Dungeon, Submarine, Airplanes, Boats, Hot rod Cars, Roof top, Industrial and even more. There are just too many to mention. Get your ass there and start experiencing the unique places you can enjoy your naughty girl..

They have a kitchen available, but don’t expect 5 star food and expansive menu but if you’re hungry, there is plenty.
They certainly cater for the thirsty man Prince courts even stocks wine for you.

Pricewise Prince Court is very actractive. Standard rooms start at 165 pesos with the special 3 hour promo, themed rooms are more fun but also a little bit more expensive. Starting at 395 pesos for 3 hours.

A full list of all themes available :

Yellow Cab, Boxer, Pop, Arts, Hard Court, Cable Car, Workshop, Fisherman’s Wharf, Golf, Tinseltown, Rooftop, Airplane, Music Den, Chamber, Flinstone, Vinta Alley Yatch, Circa 1930, Western, Combat, Fire Fighter, Pirates, Helicopter, Motown, Submarine, Titanic, Ralley, Gym, Filling Station, Graphic, Cowboys, Rennaissance, Planet Hollywood, Soda pop, Atlantis, Farmyard, Subway, Fiesta, Sports, Dungeon, Island, Frankenstein, Grandprix, Expedition, Art Deco, Recycle, Rainforest, Carribean, Junkyard, Moon, Chessboard, Staircase, Galactic, Playhouse, Garden, House, Gardenia, Black & White….
And many more.. Available for whatever you desire.
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