Maxilom Avenue

Queensland Maxilom Ave, is located at the General Maxilom Avenue in Cebu City.
This is the closest short time to Mango Square, so a very very short travel time. They have two locations across from each other in this area.

In retrospect this Queensland is similar to the other locations around the city.
The usual steel bed, the slippers, the mini fridge, dirty shows on tv and the freshly packed sheets.

There is a wide variety of rooms available here, the usual one they put you in unless you ask for a executive is a queen sized bed that is next to a large mirror. With a little nook where there is a table and two chair to presumably eat your dinner, lunch or whatever time it is you arrive here. The shower is usually clean, with hot and cold water if available and a bathtub. The aircon is normally put on a gentle deep freeze that will keep you refreshed while exercising.