V Rama

Queensland V Rama is located close to Osmena Circle, a short ride away from Mango square. But usually the taxi would prefer to bring you towards the Gen Maxilom’s establishment.

The usual Queensland formula is here again.
Steel bed, freshly packed sheets are ready on the bed. Slippers at the bathroom and usually quite clean.

The rooms here unlike the ones in Lapu-Lapu have a big nice mirror right next to the bed. The refrigerator is jampacked with anything you would need right underneath the Tv providing some adult entertainment.
Food and drinks can be ordered, just as condoms but no durex shamefully.

There is a option to get a Jacuzzi room, or executive rooms but those are more expensive and you should ask for them while driving in. Normally they put you into a standard room. The usual price range, 300 to 500 pesos for 3 hours. Overnights are available but call the front desk upon arrival because the rates are different then the real short timers.