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The Philippines even though it’s becoming more and more open to foreign travelers still has a third world country status. Personal safety is a different story here then you expect in your own home country. Most problems that could arise are easily overcome by attitude and personal style. Here are some tips to make your stay and adventure a great one. And it will surely make you want to keep coming back.


In all cost try to keep a cool head in the tropical sunshine. Even though frustrations or problems may arise on your holiday try to keep calm and have a non-hostile attitude. If you start yelling or screaming most Filipino’s will become a lot less friendly and helpful. Sometimes even working against you just to screw with you. Keep a friendly attitude and most of the time people will come to assist you. Otherwise forget about it. This handles for girls, taxi-drivers, police officers and pretty much every Filipino you’ll meet.


A smile and a friendly talk with the mama-san (the top-handler inside the bars) will always open up the possibilities.


Always discuss price with mama-san beforehand.

This goes for the girl(s) too, discuss price and wants and needs first. Some promises aren’t kept or prices hike up for a specific service afterwards. Communication is important to keep satisfaction rate high and dismiss disappointments on either side.


Even though there probably is a mayor price difference due to the price of Peso, most people will be able to tell you that you easily blow your budget. Most things are cheaper or seem cheaper but you can still spend a lot of money without noticing it. Are you on a stricter budget, keep the amount you wanna spend in your wallet and leave the rest at home. The price of bills can go fast especially if you’re giving out girls drinks and easily rise into thousands of pesos.


We advise you never to bring girls back to your private hotel room, there are plenty of short time hotels available in Cebu that are able to give you ease of mind. On the other hands some of the more luxury hotels will not even let you bring guest. Even though hygiene will not always be up to standards to most of us this is the easiest and safest way to enjoy in the city of Cebu.


To subside the bar-fine

Altogether you can also arrange to pick-up one of the girls after closing time, most bars close at 3 AM and usually the girls on Mango’s strip drag themselves to one of the disco’s to dance or maybe snag some free-lance cash. You can also discuss this inside the bar to meet them later for drinks, meet-ups or whatever you would desire. Usually girls end up on Mango Square anyway, you can always explain to them you’ll be waiting for them.


A big part of the bar-fine will go the bar itself, most girls will expect a tip. This could also involve raiding the mini-bar, chocolates or clothing. Talk this over beforehand and usually the quality of service will be better.


Exchanging phone numbers

Although possible, is not done inside the bars. If you care to get a lady’s number try to arrange this out of sight of the mama-san and handlers. Most of the time they will never complain to you but the girl could get in trouble for this.


Ladies can be hired for consecutive nights, weeks or longer periods of time. This should be discussed first beause the girl(s) in question will have to pay fines to their employers for not showing up. (this varies around 700Php per day). Average price per day comes to 1000/2000 depending on the girl and yourself. On top of that you’ll have to provide food, drinks, transport and/or gifts.


If it’s your lucky day you could get one of the pro’s to go with you for free. This purely depends on your attitude, looks and your handling of the ladies. On numerous times I was able to snag some free goodies on a night out. Sometimes cheap food or gifts are all there is to get the legs to open.


In every bar girls will be haggling you for drinks, this is part of their income. The percentage they get on these drinks are very low. So most likely cash donations will be extremely appreciated and could lift up their moods and change their way of treating you.


Keep your bar-tab in check

Filipino bar personnel sees the drunken adventures of all the clients day in day out and sometimes do take advantage of the situation. We are not saying this happens on a daily basis but just keep your bar-tab in check to avoid a drunken discussion at the end of the night.


Girls can also decline your advances to go with you, in reality this rarely happens. But if a girl is truly not interested and doesn’t take an active approach after you’ve shown interest. She’s probably not worth it, after you bring her home she isn’t likely to make your night a successful one. Try your luck¬† with another girl or another bar.


Even though girls might act as your girlfriend or wife, you should always keep in mind your transaction is al about money. You will not be the first guy to be screwed over by a bar-girl.



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