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If you’ve been in Cebu for a while and you would wanna go somewhere else for a change, alone or with your girl. Flying is probably one of your fastest options, the distance are just too big or it’s too time consuming to do it by ferry. Certain islands like Bohol, Dumaguete on Negros, Siquijor or Camotes are very easy to reach by ferry. Due to their distance from Cebu and frequency of ferries. Bohol and Dumaguete do have airports, but you’ll probably loose more time travelling and checking into the airport then you would taking a ferry. Besides being way more expensive.

But if you wanted to travel to for example Clark, Davao, Manila, Batangas or Boracay. Flying is truly the fastest option. Philippines has 34 airports that are being used by commercial airplanes. So enough choice to take a weekend off and enjoy sights outside of Cebu.

You can fly with one of the following companies:

Cebu Pacific

Currently one of the biggest flight providers in the Philippines, over the last years they invested widely into growing a bigger fleet and accessing more airports locally and internationally. A good sign of their growth is also that they’ve been taken of the black list this 2014.
Cebu Pacific is mostly loved by locals and travelers because of their promo’s, if booked on time and within certain time schedules good flights can be found for as cheap as 100Php per head locally. Sorry to say excluding their mandatory ‘seat selection’ and luggage fee’s but still, cheap.
And upto 1000Pesos for international flights.

Sometimes this could make for a interesting promo to buy a ticket towards Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur. If you would truly book in advance you can easily fly cheaply from Europe/US towards Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur and fly into the Philippines by Cebu Pacific. You could save a good buck by flying this way all though it might seem a little bit extensive work.

Cebu Pacific currently flies on 34 airports locally and 23 internationally. International flights are available for Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Taiwan, Indonesia and even Australia.
Be cautious on the pricing listed on the website though, they are usually without tax/VAT and tourist taxation. Also lacking are the previously mentioned seat selection fee, luggage and food/drinks inside the airplane.Even for national flights you usually end up paying between 100 to 200 airport tax, mostly done at the airport itself. International airport tax is recently raised till 550 Pesos. It’s like flying with one of the usual western pricefighter airlines like Ryanair or Airasia.

Checkout their website for promo’s, destinations and more info



Philippines Airlines (PAL)

Philippines Airlines is the biggest airline in the country, and also the oldest running airline in the Philippines. Locally known as PAL, since 2013 not blacklisted by the European Aviation. Funny fact is that the airline is largely in the hands of the biggest brewery in the Philippines San Miguel.

Comparing to Cebu Pacific PAL is a little bit higher in price, but offers a more complete package and better service. PAL mostly flies towards the bigger cities like Manila, Davao and Cebu. But they also offer other national, international and trans Atlantic flights. Including some flights to USA and London.

From time to time Philippines Airlines will drop its prices to fight off Cebu Pacific’s promo’s but usually this is only limited to the three mayor cities.

For more info and flight destinations check out there website

ZEST Airways

ZEST airways is a subsidiary of Airasia, this airline mostly flies towards mayor tourist destinations on the Philippines. They actually only fly towards 8 destinations, like Cebu, Tacloban, Clark, Manila, Palawan, Bohol and Boracay.

This airline is also a lowbudget airline, selling their tickets as cheap as possible without including luggage, foods and drinks. From the following three airlines it’s hard to say who’s cheapest at which point. It all depends one where you are flying, when and when you book.

Because it’s part of Airasia they do offer a lot of international flights to mayor cities in Asia. They almost fly on every capitol to be found in Asia. But as well as PAL and Cebu Pacific most of their international flights depart from Manila.

For more info, prices and destinations checkout their website

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