Freelance advice

Yes off course there are pirates, cowboys or the tough guys who wanna go out a different way.

Freelancing isn’t as big in Cebu as some people might know from places like Angeles and Manila bay area. This has nothing to do with availability but just the size of Cebu itself. The anonymity the free-lancers have in a metropolis isn’t here in Cebu. Although available, we as Cebu-Nightlife rarely use the services. Off-course we have tried once or twice over the course of the years but beside being scammed and having the fear of what could go wrong we’ve never had a true positive experience from picking up street meat.

Be wary of what you bring home and whom you deal with.
If you venture into getting women from the streets you will undoubtfully encounter the more shady side of the Philippines.
Pimps, handlers and people posing as uncles/cousins or helpers are literally dwelling in and around any place that has some kind of foreign visitors.
Although some of them are truly out to make a connection and have some business & money flowing in. Some are also trying to scam you, rob you or lure you into places you shouldn’t be.

Most of them are drug abusers that are looking for their next score, and are not looking out for your best interest.
Be wary whom you associate yourself with, don’t go with someone you don’t know and for sure don’t give anyone money for them to ‘handle or arrange’ what you desire.

Even if the night you arranged handled well, sometimes the blow comes afterwards. Either they will hassle your hotel, the girl will rip you off, steal your stuff, drug you or even go as far to extort you. Always be cautious and be sure to handle yourself well.


  1. Night time, Check out Mango.

    Day time, walk up to any hot looking girls in SM or Ayala.. You’ll get lucky.

    Cebu is different then Angeles or even Makati Girls. But there still are enough Sexy girls and ladyboys available

    Try to visit twice a year, and help the local ‘job market’ hehe

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  2. or always gave me loads sexy girls in Cebu.

    Not a fan of Bar-girls. Best way to meet filipinas is just online.
    Find yourself some hot girl take her for coffee and a quick visit to queensland after!

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    • You are so wrong about the Freelancer girls, I have been to Manila about 14 times and probably been with 40 or more girls and never had a bad encounter. Some I have exchanged numbers with and we meet again on my several returns. I think the problem is you here one bad experience and spread the word and people believe they are all bad. Most the girls are just trying to feed their families.

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