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We advice in eye of your own safety always to use a short time hotel to bring home the ladies. There is a multitude of variety available in Cebu. Most commonly known is Queensland. Quality of these hotels differs from location to location. The following noted short time hotels are the most famous and frequented by foreign customers. There are always more hotels to be found, even in cheaper ranges but the quality of those are short to say nasty!
Most Taxi-drivers know how to find these places in a record time.


These type of hotels use a drive-in system, you either drive with a private vehicle or taxi into a garage-box. On top of these garages there are rooms located. You could let a taxi wait inside the box for you or pick-up one after you are finished.

Average room usually contains a big double bed, television, mini-bar and shower area. Most of these hotels are very in love with mirrors lining beds or hanging on the ceiling. On request you could avail on of the executive or more luxury rooms. These vary, could be a flat screen and wifi connection. Sometimes bubble baths but most of all it will be a little bigger and cleaner. If you don’t ask, they’ll always dump you in the standard rooms.


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The following hotels listed operate for the standard room about 300/500 Pesos per 3 hours.


Has multiple locations in the city.
General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City

Queensland Maxilom Ave, is located at the General Maxilom Avenue in Cebu City.
This is the closest short time to Mango Square, so a very very short travel time. They have two locations across from each other in this area.

In retrospect this Queensland is similar to the other locations around the city.
The usual steel bed, the slippers, the mini fridge, dirty shows on tv and the freshly packed sheets.

There is a wide variety of rooms available here, the usual one they put you in unless you ask for a executive is a queen sized bed that is next to a large mirror. With a little nook where there is a table and two chair to presumably eat your dinner, lunch or whatever time it is you arrive here. The shower is usually clean, with hot and cold water if available and a bathtub. The aircon is normally put on a gentle deep freeze that will keep you refreshed while exercising.


V Rama, Cebu City

Queensland V Rama is located close to Osmena Circle, a short ride away from Mango square. But usually the taxi would prefer to bring you towards the Gen Maxilom’s establishment.

The usual Queensland formula is here again.
Steel bed, freshly packed sheets are ready on the bed. Slippers at the bathroom and usually quite clean.

The rooms here unlike the ones in Lapu-Lapu have a big nice mirror right next to the bed. The refrigerator is jampacked with anything you would need right underneath the Tv providing some adult entertainment.
Food and drinks can be ordered, just as condoms but no durex shamefully.

There is a option to get a Jacuzzi room, or executive rooms but those are more expensive and you should ask for them while driving in. Normally they put you into a standard room. The usual price range, 300 to 500 pesos for 3 hours. Overnights are available but call the front desk upon arrival because the rates are different then the real short timers.


Lapu-Lapu city

Another establishment of the famous Queensland franchise located in Lapu Lapu City. Close to Express Inn hotel, the Humay Humay Road and the Hoops Dome basketball court.


Don’t expect more than the usual Queensland hospitality, they deliver in similar fashion as the other locations.
The usual treats, Slippers are awaiting for you upon entry, clean linens and a towel lay out on the bed. Same price and quality as the other Queensland establishments. Both available for long time or short time. Optionally they do have more luxurious rooms in this location. Including a bubble bath and flat-screen tv.

This is the closest location to the airport, within 5 minutes you could catch your flight out. You can utilize this for a final throwdown, a exotic goodbye… Or just lay down for a couple of hours to before your plane leaves.



Hernan Cortes, Mandaue


Kings Court, Mandaue

Prince Court, Mandaue

Jade’s Court, Mandaue

Express inn

Lapu-Lapu City

Express Inn is located in Lapu-Lapu city, the city on the island of Mactan is the airport hub of Cebu city.
To be exact it is located at Lapu Lapu queensland the first turn left and then after 250Meters on the right hand side.
Express Inn is a relatively new hotel, and it’s main market is low budget tourists. A room for a night is conveniently priced at 1,100 peso. There is a wide variety of rooms available as well as single, double or family rooms.
Every room has the following amenities, free wifi, cable tv and because of it being a relative new hotel the shower do actually look pretty good. They aren’t comparable to the ones in for example queensland. But shamefully to say they do usually have a lukewarm shower.
The hotel does provide 24 hour room service and check-in is pretty hassle free.
In this 4 floor hotel the first floor is mostly being used as a short time hotel, price range is about 350 peso for 3 hours. This is dirt cheap for a clean and neat room.
Top selling point of the hotel is they have a glass see-through from the shower to the bed, so you can have a look while waiting…


Sogo Hotel

Colon, Cebu city

Sogo hotel is a big player in the short time hotels in Manila, but Cebu is also graced by it’s precense.
Sogo’s Cebu hotel is located along Sanciangko street, near to Colon.

Sogo Cebu offers a wide arsenal of rooms to pick from, big or small for everyone there is a special place in Sogo hotel. Comparing this hotel to other short timers like Queensland is hard to do. Sogo offers you a real hotel feeling, there is a reception, bar, restaurant and even 24 hour room service. Wifi is available in communal area’s and for your safety they even have lockers available.

Prices are not bad, even the more exclusive or special rooms are worth their money.
Prices are as following: 725 Peso for 12 Hours and 1,095 pesos for 24 hours

For more info checkout their website here


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