The Philippines will grant most foreign visitors a free tourist visa with a duration of 21 days. This goes in automatically upon arrival. You can extent this tourist visa till a maximum of 16 months. With a legitimate reason for staying you can extent this to a maximum of 24 months.
Visa extensions cost money and the amount varies per time-stretch of your stay. Please refer to the following text or picture for more information.
Prices as written here were up to date as of Jan 2014.


The first extension will cost you 3030 Php, adding your total time to 2 months (an extension of 38 days)

Your second extension for another two months will cost you 4830php + temporary ACR card 2800php. Comes to a total of 7600PHP

Third extension of two months will cost you 2830Php

Forth two month extension will cost 4240Php

You’ve now stayed upwards of 8 months. From 8 months till the 16th Month you’ll pay a 2 monthly fee of 2830Php

Once you reached 16 months you’ll either have to leave the country and come back to avail another 16 months or pay 2830Php bi-monthly plus an additional motion for reconsideration costing around 1010php for every extension you wish to make.
After a total of 24 months, you will have to legally leave the country to avail a fresh tourism visa again.


Visa’s can be arranged personally at the immigration office in Mandaue, see address below, one big downside to going to immigration personally is that it could take some time to arrange it and you’ll have to dress up properly no flipflops or shorts allowed.

Other ways to arrange your visa

without having to go to the Immigration office personally, next door to the immigration office is a agency that handles visa extensions for a small service fee.

Some local travel agencies on the islands will be able to provide the same service for a small fee.

Most bigger hotels will cater visa services too, just ask your hotel front desk if it is available in your place of stay.

Immigration Office Mandaue
P.j. Burgos
Mandaue City

(032) 345 6442


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