Top 5 Girlie Bars in Cebu

This is the absolute list of the top 5 bikini bars in Cebu,
a must read for first-timers in the Philippines. Anyone looking to know where to start their night out on the town in Cebu you need to have seen this!

A wide variety of Bikini bars filled with Bar girls is available in the Philippines. The urbanized area of Mega-Cebu has it’s share of amazing places to taste the nightlife. If you’re interested in making a killer night, scoping out the prettiest girls and tasting the finest sexy treats start the night well in any of the following bars:

Erik the Red

One of the most frequented bars on the strip, A big group of girls welcomes you heartfully, next to a large area dedicated towards the pool table, most of the available room is filled with leather couches.This bar has a good reputation, good girls, friendly personnel makes it one of the better ones in the city. They are very helpful to get you drunk, and even crazy request as trying to brush up on your own pole-dancing skills will probably honored.


Mermaid is one of the older more famous bars in the Nightlife scene of Cebu. It’s easily spotted close to the New Bridge in Lapu Lapu City.

This is one of the more fun and enjoyable bars in and about Cebu.. Absolutely a great bikini bar, besides the main stage, you can park your ass next to the bar or have a standing table with a pole in the middle. Providing entertainment and kicking over your beer nuts the girls will be dancing and showing of their wares right in front of you. Give one of these girls a good tip and you get the booty shakin’ of the night while you sit down relax and enjoy the view. Always full of hot filipina girls.

Planet X

Planet X is on Cebu’s most frequented party-strips Mango Avenue. Next door to the bar complex of Erik the Red, Viking next Door and BJ’s bar you will find the neon signage screaming for your entrance of the Planet x. For 60 Pesos per beer this is one of the cheapest places on the strip. A big pluspoint is they’ve got WIFI freely available here. Good visit if you’re looking for Cebu girls.


The Kampai bar is located on Mango Avenue. Across the street from the Iglesia ni Cristo.Kampai stock a good amount of girls. As usual the big line up of girls is eagerly waiting to strut their skills on the stage, in between trying to flirt their night away with the guests. There are 2 big bars to help you with a good variety of alcohol, in between these bars we find 2 pool tables to have some fun with the girls.


One of the newer bars in Cebu, or in actuality in Mandaue. Located close to Club Hatchi, the Ferrari stuns you with it’s majestic frontage. Bright neon lights invite you into a large room that surely looks different then the usual bars you see on Mango.

Take seat at one of the rounded benches around. Surely mama-san will ask all the after the usual dance routine for all the girls to line up. They really want you to go and play big spender in one of the private karaoke rooms. Tinted glass windows separate you from the usual onlookers. Ferrari looks clean, feels pricey and the bargirls were a little bit higher class then you usually see.